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Know Why Exposure to Asbestos Would Lead to Several Health Risks

It might sound bad but it is a reality that you can suffer serious health problems when you have been exposed to asbestos. This is a common problem, considering the fact that statistics showed 39,000 lives are claimed every year in the United States alone due to this exposure to asbestos.

So, when you are exposed to asbestos, it is better to know what could be risky to your health so you would know what action to take.

The number one health risk is mesothelioma which is a rare form of lung cancer. The membrane covering of your lungs and chest cavity could have this occurrence plus could continue its presence in the lining of your other internal organs and in the membrane too of your abdominal cavity.

The most common result is lung cancer, considered as the most common and is second to mention as your health risk when being exposed to asbestos. The risk of lung cancer is greater when you are exposed to any construction work or being exposed to asbestos products that are deteriorating.

Note that when you breathe in asbestos, dangerous fibers are coming in, leading to the third health risk called asbestosis where fibers would cause the scarring on your lungs. It will be harder for an individual to breathe when the lungs are scarred since oxygen and carbon dioxide will have difficulty in passing through the lungs. This disease is very common in people who are working in much of their lives in construction environment or in demolition.

The next health risk is not cancerous but can change the membrane surrounding the lungs and chest cavity and this is called the pleural disease. This will lead to fluid buildup and membrane to thicken, and in severe cases, a person suffering this disease will have a diminished lung capacity disabling him or her to do more physical activities.

There are immune changes that are health risks when exposed to asbestos of which the types but are not known clearly for now. Researches have shown that there is a lower immune function when one is exposed to asbestos. These signs of lower immune function is clearly observed especially if the person does not project any other disease.

People who are constantly exposed to asbestos should not ignore these mentioned health risks. The signs of the health risks of asbestos could appear after years of being exposed to asbestos and so it is not to be taken for granted with just the knowledge of these health risks. In order to reduce your chances of getting sick in the future, it is advisable that you remove your exposure to asbestos if you can, and get in touch with professionals to fix your health problem.