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The Types of Intelligence Sharpened in Escape Rooms

There is a lot we learn when we are playing, even when we are not aware of the process. Right from when we were kids, we used to learn a lot when we engaged in games. The challenge that each game presented allowed our minds to develop in several ways. Later on when we went to school and learning switched to studying, that other process was still there. Anytime we would engage in games, sports, adventures on weekends and such activities, we would learn a lot. We would no doubt have fun, but at the same time, we gained in other ways. Escape rooms offer us a chance to learn through this approach that does not seem like learning.

Escape rooms present an environment that has everything we need to learn, only that the main headlines seem to be the thrill and the fun. There shall be the mental challenge, in a physical spatial context, as well as interaction with other people. This shall help all the participants develop certain intelligences.

You shall develop your spatial intelligence when you first explore everything in the room. This is when you look at what you can move about, what you cannot, and where they are situated. You may need those later to solve the puzzles.

You then get to work on your logical-mathematical intelligence. You will be asked to count, do other operations, solve geometrical puzzles, and such things. You will exercise your logical intelligence further when you have to think of how clues and locks are linked, how each object in there can be used, and to test out our ideas and suggestions.
After a while, logical explanations will no longer work, and you will have to get creative. This is where creative intelligence comes in handy, to help you solve what was logically impossible to solve. You will need to look at the problem through perspectives you had not thought of earlier, and connect things that would otherwise not connect in the first place. This is when your creativity shall be nurtured.
You also have to exercise your linguistic intelligence as you solve encoded texts and enigmatic instructions. As you look at riddles and find solutions to tell the team shall help you keep developing your linguistic intelligence.

You will also hone your emotional, interpersonal, and collaborative intelligence, highly needed in team building exercise. When put in a highly pressurized state, you will begin to act not in the same way you usually do. You will find a new appreciation for the efforts of others, since your survival most likely depends on them. How you relate and pool your efforts shall, therefore, be a critical determinant of how well you will do.

It is the aim of all employers to see their teams develop these intelligences when they arrange for such sessions.

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