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Tips of Buying the Best Crib for your Baby

Whenever there is a baby expected to be born, the couple should prepare in advance for the baby to be born. The crib must have all the safety standards to ensure that the baby sleeps comfortably and doesn’t suffer from any physical injuries from the crib. The following are some of the clues of choosing the best crib for your newborn baby.

First, you need to go for a new crib. It is recommended that you buy a new and current crib rather than an old one. Cribs are manufactured from time to time and there are improvements which are done. This means that if you acquire an old crib, it is likely to lack some safety measures that will have been introduced in the subsequent productions. Even new cribs are defective hence you should still be careful. For instance, you should look at the date of manufacture which has to be indicated on the crib. Measurements should be done on the spaces between individual slats to be sure that they are of the right standard.

You need to carry out an evaluation on the strength and workmanship of the crib. You may find some cracks which aren’t strong enough to hold your baby. You should thus check for cracks if the crib is made of wood. A new wooden crib should contain no cracks whatsoever. For new cribs, the slats shouldn’t be moving, and metals should be used to reinforce the frames. However, you need to be aware that the display cribs may not have been fastened properly and are just used for demos. The design of the crib has to be simple and basic so that you can save some money and on top ensure the safety of your child. You need to avoid drop-side crib models because they have been associated with several deaths. Since the clothes of the baby may be trapped within the finials, they may strangle the baby hence the need to go for a basic crib.

Lastly, the mattress and bed sheets should be acquired on the same day. This is to ensure that the mattress fits properly into the crib. You also need to ensure that the mattress meets the required standards ranging from size to quality. You should purchase the right bed sheets which will fit tightly. Your child may end up getting strangled by those sheets if they aren’t fitting properly because the child will easily pull them up. Since the cribs come in an unassembled manner, you will have to do the assembling by yourself or seek for help from experts. You will thus need to find someone who knows how to assemble it to help. Alternatively, the sellers may have people whom they can send over to do the assembling.
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