Is Including Multimedia on Your Website Important?

In this modern day if you use less imagery then a campaign is less likely to succeed. Images are important to keep the attention of website visitors and, more importantly, getting them to look at your product.

Multimedia includes anything from sound to videos. People are more likely to react to a video because less thinking has to be done. Many people prefer to “see something for themselves” instead of reading a long paragraph with testimonials and statistics.

Not everyone has the ability to make animated videos but some website platforms include the function of adding an image carousal to any page you choose. This is an effective way to have moving pictures incorporated on your website without the need to a hire a videographer.

Multimedia doesn’t only involve videos and slideshows. It is also important to have product images so that people can see what you do. Product images are extremely important in these days because it is the only way to gain trust from a potential client. Imagine having a cake business without having a portfolio of the amazing and artistic cakes you made. A blank gallery will make clients and visitors believe that the page is a scam.

The same could apply for restaurants. Although not all food will look the same in the end, people want to see the basic presentation of the food and what is included in a certain meal. Presentation of food will say a lot about how a chef handles the food and the best way to portray this is through an attractive photograph.

The most important part that needs to be shown on your website is your brand image. This means that your logo has to be present on the landing and home page. This is an indication that you are who you are without making visitors guess. Your brand image is a way to show the client a “familiar face” without having to explain who you are.

A professional website designer will be able to explain all the elements that have to be added to your website pages. Although, colour is an important factor, without different types of multimedia the website will become boring and the amount of people who stay on each page for long periods of time will drop dramatically. Properly photographed pictures can also make a huge impact on the impression you create and reaction you will receive from different visitors. Keep the pictures bright, clean and attractive.

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