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How to Enjoy a Simmer Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe still has a lot of fun to offer even though summer may have just started. Lake Tahoe is more recognized as a wider destination since it is a great skiing site. As it turns out however, there are a lot of fun activities that you could engage in all year and during the summer to be more specific.[ Lake Tahoe could be great fun at all times of the year and more specifically during the summer. You could decide to hit the lake yourself or enjoy the beautiful views of the sierra but you are definitely going to be impressed. Here are some of the ways you could enjoy a Weekend in Lake Tahoe.

Explore Fannette Island if you visit as a family. It is a secluded island that is accessible by kayaks and one that is exciting to explore even for kids. If you are a part of a family visit, you should consider getting to the Emerald Bay State Park on the California side of the lake. You should be able to get to this historic island with ten minutes of riding in a kayak. The Fannette Island tea house was founded by the owner of the Vikingsholm estate in the late years of the 1920s. As you can conclude from name, it was built for the service high tea to her guests. You family will love the Kayaking experience and exploring even though much of it is a ruin now. If you have a guide with you, you can always ask about the legend of Captain Dick “Them’s my toes” Barter which could be great listening for the kids. It should cost you around ten soars for parking and fifty five more for renting a double kayak fir two hours. You can experience the beautifully preserved example of how the other half lived almost a century ago if you combine your visit with another visit to Vikingsholm. You should be able to send at least fifteen does on adult tickets and twelve dollars for kids which is inclusive of a one hour tour.

You can launch your personal watercraft into the lake. There is no better place to ride a PWC more than lake Tahoe. The peace of the lake and wildlife are a great treasure for this place and that is why local authorities are focused in protecting them. However, following their rules will have on the water and enjoying the beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and breathing the crystal clear air in no time. Depending on your destination, you can get yourself a California or Nevada fishing license for more fun.

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