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Guidelines to Convert Files to PDF

There are several changes that have taken places but despite all that, I don’t see PDF going anywhere. The PDF ensure your document format is maintained regardless of the device you are using to view the document. However in case your document is in the other format you might have challenges converting it to PDF in case you are doing it from the green. Here are some of the guidelines for changing your file to PDF format.

Print to PDF is important when the document you will be converting is on windows. In case this is your situation here are the tips to achieve it.

The first step is to open the file you need to convert. In case you are converting more than one photo you should select them down and by using CTRL button but if you are converting one photo you just need to double click the file location. From there you should right click on the photo or one of the photos before you scroll down to print option.

The second thing you need to do is to open the print option which can be achieved by pressing CTRL and P at the same time. Lack of a printer should not worry you because it’s not needed.

The next important move is to pick the printers name. The printer name is close to the printers heading. Now that you are not going to print the document but to convert its format to PDF this step isn’t that necessary.

Pick the Microsoft print to PDF. This option is found in the dropdown. For the XPS documents you will have to select the printer name first before you go to Microsoft print to PDF option.

Then you should click on the print button. You will be able to find this option at the bottom of the menu or at the top of the current menu in case you are using Office application. This step should lead to the opening of the explorer window.

The six-step is to name the document. Here you will be expected to give your document although you can still save the document in the same name it had before and it will have no effect.

Select where you want to save your document. This option is available on the left side and you should choose the right place where you want the file to be. Finally press save and the PDF file will be there for you.