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Tips on Dry Herb Vaping.
The legalization of marijuana has seen dry vaping become a very popular leisure activity. If you are new to the dry vaping process of marijuana, you may end up wasting valuable joints by turning off the vaporizing and try to switch it on later. Below are some tips dry vaping if you are new to the dry vaping procedure.
Preparing your vaporizer is the most essential thing you ought to do. You can get guidance on how to operate the vaporizer by reading through the manual which accompanies a new vaporizer. Subject the burning chamber to a burning test just to ensure that it doesn’t have plastic material inside it. Heat it to the maximum temperature and if no plastic scent comes out then your flavors won’t be contaminated.
Preparing your herb into vaporizer-friendly consistency is the next step you should take when preparing your vaping session. For a consistent vapor, ensure that you subject the vaping herb to grinding so as to make it a burn with consistency and produce a uniform vapor. Ensure that you have a grinder for the grinding process and a manual blender would be better so as to avoid over grinding the marijuana.
The vaporizer’s manual is very important as it guides you on how to load the ground herb into the vaporizer. As you load the vaporizer, you will have to disassemble it as the chamber is located directly below the mouthpiece. The correct way of loading the chamber is by sprinkling the ground herb through its mouth. This way it is evenly distributed allowing for uniform burning and also for the free circulation of air.
Pre-heating the chamber is the next thing you need to do after assembling the correctly loaded vaporizer. It is highly recommended that you switch on the vaporizer and set it to the lowest temperature. This warms the herb before you can start vaping and it also allows the vaporizer to start running.
The whole vaping process experience is dependent on the temperature control you have with the vaporizer. Flavor and vapor density are factors of temperature with a high temperature offering a thick vapor of low flavor while low temperatures offering a highly flavored but thin vapor. The best blend will be achieved by playing about with the temperature. To enjoy this feature, consider purchasing a vaporizer which has a temperature adjustment knob and you can read more here.
In conclusion, inhalation of the vapor is done in very shallow breaths. This way you get to enjoy the flavor and the aroma of the herb. It is a precautionary move as it prevents you from swallowing the fine herb in the burning chamber. Shallow breaths will also allow for the accumulation of more vapor before it is inhaled.