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Tips to Choosing the Right Bronzer Shade

Through choosing the right shade of bronzer, you can actually get a healthy looking complexion. This can actually help the natural face structure and it also gives you a sun-kissed glow which you mostly would get after a day at the beach. The right shade of bronzer would be one which looks like your skin tone if you have a soft tan. In this article, you are going to learn some tips when it comes to the selection of the best bronzer that suits with your skin tone.

Color Intensity

Most professional makeup artists actually recommends that you should choose one that have one or two shades darker compared to your skin tone. Through this, it will give you a flattering look. You should however not just consider your face skin tone but you need to also consider on your body’s skin tone. Due to the fact that some parts of your body is being exposed to the sun more, you usually get a different skin tone on your face. Your neck is mostly lighter compared to your body and face. The right bronzer shade is in fact one which is going to blend well on your whole body so that you will get a balanced look.

An effective way how you will know if you use the appropriate shade of bronzer is to place the back of your hand next with your face and see whether your face as well as hands looks close in shade when you have a natural tan. If ever your hands look like it belongs to your face, you may be using the wrong kind of bronzer. Make sure also that you implement the test in natural light.

Intensity of Shade

The process of choosing the right kind of bronzer shade can in fact be tricky due to the reason where makeup brands have their own way of naming the bronzers which mostly are in names which does not recall specific intensity of color. Most of these brands however use a descriptive name of shade such as Light, Medium and Dark that would help you to determine which shade suits you better.

If ever the name of the product you are interested in does not come with a descriptive name of the shade or you are in case unsure whether this suits with your skin tone, you have to consider checking the description of the color online with where most of the brands offer some added information. An online review is a helpful tool where consumers take photos of themselves while wearing the product.

If in case you can’t find a bronzer shade which works well with your undertone, see to it that you will use a powder foundation that’s one or two shades darker than your skin.