The Ultimate Guide to

How to Overcome Anxiety Attack

A panic attack usually happen suddenly and is associated with different physical and emotional symptoms. Some of the physical signs of panic attack include; nausea, difficulty in breathing, sweating and increased heartbeat. Some few people have also reported to feel chest pain during anxiety attack. Intense fear and continuous worrying are the emotion symptoms associated with anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks occur unexpectedly and strike very fast. But when under panic attack you can use the following methods to overcome it and prevent it from re-occurring.

The first way of calming down during panic attacks is to close your eyes and have a deep breath. Panic attacks are known to temporarily block the victim’s ability to remember, the power to reason and think correctly, and the ability to focus steadily. But if you breathe bit by bit will be able to bring your body functions back to normal. When breathing, try to do it in and out with four counts each time. As you close your eyes when breathing, you will be able to focus perfectly on breathing alone, for it will keep you away from distractors and even from the panic attack stimulus.

The second tip you can apply to overcome anxiety attacks is practicing mindfulness. Anyone who experiences a panic attack is usually separated from reality. So only by being mindful will you know what is happening around you. Practicing mindfulness entails focusing on familiar sensations such as feeling the texture of your blazer in the palm of your hands. This will try to bring you back to reality and help you focus on the happening with your environment.

The third important thing to do when you experience anxiety attacks frequently is to always to have a lavender inhaler with you. Lavender is well known for its ability to soothe the effects of panic attacks, so people who are prone to panic attacks are recommended to be keeping some lavender oil with them. Breathing in the scent of lavender oil will relieve you from the effects of anxiety. What you should avoid is using lavender with benzodiazepine medication. If you use the two together you will experience drowsiness.

Some stimuli of anxiety attacks are financial instability, some kinds of food products, over-crowded places, and several others. So it is recommended that you be aware of what is causing your panic attacks and restrain from it to be safe. However, if you suffer from frequent panic attacks you can consider this choice for therapy discussed in this article. In case you apply this therapy correctly your anxiety attacks will end, but if it keeps on occurring, then you should consult an expert dealing with such conditions.